flogging the shit out of the 90’s

Raveoke Licence

This page is out of date!! Check the new site!

Raveoke has moved to http://network23.org/raveoke

Raveoke is free for you to use but only under the following rules.

  • The first rule of Raveoke is that you dont’ take raveoke seriously
  • The second rule of Raveoke is that you don’t take raveoke seriously
  • The third rule, you must not do Raveoke in a club
  • The forth rule, never do Raveoke for commercial gain
  • The fifth rule, never play by the rules.
  • The sixth rule, keep it underground, no sell out, keep it risky, do it in squats, do it for anarchist benefits, do it in dodgy pubs where event the landlady asks you to turn it up, do it so you wake up in strangers houses covered in bruises, do it with no fear, do it so you’re afraid to ever do it again, do it so you never turn it down, do it.

er that’s if for now…

One Response to “Raveoke Licence”

  1. we love it we do we want to do it come on and party
    get down and move your body xxxx

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