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How to create them

This page is out of date!! Check the new site!

Raveoke has moved to http://network23.org/raveoke


the step are…..

For Video Raveoke

Go to youtube and find your video:

You can also use other videos that you have kicking around or that you have downloaded.

Download it with http://www.keepvid.com ( put the URL of the youtube video in the box and then choose the mp4 version to download)

Download and install winamp and evil lyrics

Play the mp4 video file in winamp while evil lyrics is open – use evil lyrics to find the lyrics and make a karoake file

Follow the instructions here (should work with video files too

Ignore the part about karafun – We are going to play the video file in a programme called VLC – but in order to over play the subtitle file, we need to convert it to a different format.

To do that you need to download and install subtitle workshop from urusoft

Open the kareoke file which is called *.lrc in subtitle workshop and save it in the same directory as the mp4 file as a “sub rip” str file with the same name as the mp4 file

then if you play the mp4 file in vlc player the lyrics should show up

For MP3 Raveoke:

Follow the instructions here

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