flogging the shit out of the 90’s


Raveoke has moved to http://network23.org/raveoke

Raveoke is a really simple idea. Get tunes from the 90’s and the Rave era – steal them as Mp3’s or even better video files from youtube or what ever – and put lyrics over the top to use them for f**ked up Karaoke!

This is either a really bad idea or good idea depending on

  • your point of view
  • how you do it
  • how wasted you are!

So far Raveoke has been totally underground and has happenned at the following places.

  • TAA Manchester – forbidden arts warehouse squat Hulme
  • Climate Camp 2008 on the front line with the Police ( Psychological warfare that we won!!)
  • Climate Camp gathering October 08
  • BasslineCircus London December 08
  • No Borders Bristol benefit Feb 09
  • Radical Routes gathering May 09
  • Arcspace futuresonic fringe at the Afewe Hulme May 09

You can bring it on in what ever way you want. Think of this site as inspiration to keep it underground. Please only use Raveoke in Non-Commercial settings. Please email m3shrom at riseup . net with your Raveoke gigs.

Upcoming gigs in London Dec 20th – Bassline Circus

Febuary 2009 – Bristol Fundraiser.